What's All The Hype About Women’s Underwear?

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Women have several different styles of underwear, also known as panties to choose from when shopping. These styles are a better fit for some women over others. Unfortunately, most women don’t know what kind of underwear style is the best fit until they try it on and wear it around for a day. Other styles are obviously more comfortable than others.


Also known as, "granny panties," this style of brief underwear provides full coverage and a high waistband. It isn’t the most attractive pair of underwear, but it is the most comfortable for many women. One drawback of this style is that the high waistband is visible above low-rise jeans and trousers.

French Cut

Also sometimes referred to as "high-cut," French cut underwear has the same high waist as the brief, but it features high cut leg holes that rise just above the widest part of the thigh. Some women prefer this style of cut as the elastic band around the lower leg holes can be tight and uncomfortable.

High Cut

These are different from the French cut underwear. They are high cut in the leg holes, and the waistband also sits about one and a half inches below the wearer’s natural waist. This style provides more comfort for the wearer than other styles that provide less coverage, but is also less visible underneath clothing than styles that provide more coverage.


This underwear isn’t worn solely by hipster girls; it’s actually named for the way the waistband sits a full two inches below the waist on the hips. The hipster features low cut leg holes and also provides full coverage. They are excellent for women who like to wear low-rise jeans and trousers.


This style is modeled after men’s briefs and has a rectangular shape. The waistband sits below the waist, and the pants have a low cut leg. In fact, some styles of boyshorts may have legs that extend a short way down the thigh.


This pair of underpants is modeled after women’s bikini bottoms. The waistband sits a full three inches below the waist. It also has very high cut leg holes. Provides little coverage, but is less visible underneath clothing.

String Bikini

The string bikini style of underwear is modeled after women’s string bikinis. They also sit a full three inches below the waist. However, the leg holes are constructed with a thin string of fabric on other side of the bikini. The front and back of the string bikini looks like a triangle of fabric.


This style provides a bare minimum amount of coverage and is usually preferred underneath form fitting clothing. The waistband sits three inches below the natural waist, and the sides and back of the underwear are composed of three strips of fabric. The front of the thong forms a T-shape of fabric.


The tonga provides full coverage in the back, but has no sides. The front and back pieces attach directly to the waistband, which sits slightly below the natural waist.