7' Round Wool Mocha Area Rug

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  • 7' Round Wool Mocha Area Rug
  • 7' Round Wool Mocha Area Rug
  • 7' Round Wool Mocha Area Rug
  • 7' Round Wool Mocha Area Rug


Do you wish to to turn the heads of your guests with something that will brighten your home with elegant beauty? Need something g or geous and high quality at the same time? If so, this mocha rainf or est rug is f or you! This rug is a high grade piece made in India, which is hand tufted with hard-twist accents. Its part of the Vaha collection, and its exceptional texture and nature inspired col or s will give an appealing modern feel to the look and feel of your home. As f or measurements, they are 1/2 f or height, 90 f or width, and 90 f or depth. To care f or it, vaccum it regularly and spot clean any stains. Its also recommended that you have it professionally cleaned every now and then. If you need something to breathe a bit of fresh air into the atmosphere of your home, this is the rug f or you. | Dimensions (in inches HxWxD):0.5x90x90 | Weight:39.00 Pounds | Color:Mocha Brown | Material: | | Country of Origin:India
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