College Freshman & Sophomore Year Experience

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In my first year in college, I never really had the college experience like most of my friends got their first year of college. My experience was the opposite due to the school I chose to go to, it was a small university with about 4000 students in a small town in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina and the majority of the students were athletes or in agriculture. With that being said you can pretty much understand why I did not get that experience most college students are looking for.


With the University being so small and such few students, there was never much to do other than schoolwork and get food. So, I was pretty much always in my dorm most of the time. Since I would be in my dorm all day doing schoolwork, I had to always make sure my room was looking clean. Since I was a freshman, I had the small dorm rooms, that came with a desk, office chair, bed, and closet for clothes.

In my opinion my dorm room was nice. I had a nice workstation on my desk right near the window, so I had a nice view, I had all the books that I read on my desk and on my computer, of course. I also had some wall decor up in my dorm like flags and a clock.

In my second year of college, I ended up transferring to a bigger and better school and this is the current university I am at right now. I lived in a 3-story townhome with 3 other roommates. My room in the townhome was almost triple the size of my dorm in the previous college, so I had more space for everything. I had a large desk which was good because now my workstation can have more things on it that can help me while doing my work, even the office chair was pretty comfortable. Since I was living in a bigger room than the dorms that meant I had a much larger bed that I could actually fit on this time and I had really nice bedding that matched my curtains and rug.

I am looking forward to the next two years of undergraduate, as I embark on my future endeavors.