​Dear Santa

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Dear Santa,

It’s that special time of year where Christmas movies crowd television programming and candy canes stocked to the brim at every store. They don’t call it the most wonderful time of the year for nothing, your sleigh bells will soon be heard throughout the sky and your reindeer touching down on roofs from Europe to America. I can’t wait to go out with my family to pick out that pine green Christmas tree. I can finally find those clothes under the tree that I haven’t been able to afford all year, or a new pair of sunglasses because I can’t seem to ever keep a pair. This holiday season rest in your hands, Nick. As if we haven’t had a year full of ups and downs already Christmas always brings people together and brings that spirit of giving and jolliness all across the world. This Christmas will be able to lift our spirits from the ordeals we’ve faced in 2020 and I believe you have the power to bring us all together. From delivering toys & games to children all over, to jewelry for moms and trucks for dads this year we need the power of Christmas to flow all across the world. As we prepare for your arrival with holiday decorations, we hope you can bring presents for us and gifts for others as we try and move forward from the challenges of this year. So, I’ll see you soon Santa Claus and I hope you can bring much excitement to others as you do to me. 


Your Favorite Buddy!