Spooky Halloween 2020

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Trick or treat Wooden Sign

We all love candy, right? So, who wouldn’t look forward to a holiday all about candy and dressing up as your favorite movie character or celebrity and feeling like a kid again? As we get closer to Halloween that fall feeling is high in the air. Decorations fill front lawns with spooky witches and ghosts and stores fill with hundreds of costumes to choose from. As a kid, this was my favorite time of year to go to the store. Seeing the shelves overstocked with candy gave me a sweet tooth all through September to October or picking costumes from my favorite childhood heroes gave me so much joy. The memories made from going out with your family’s trick or treating or decorating the house is one that lasts in your heart forever.

Although this upcoming Halloween we are faced with challenges from COVID-19 that affect all the festivities we typically enjoy, we can still adjust to the environment we’re in and make this Halloween one to remember. Going to the store will be a challenge this year and it will be difficult to buy all the decorations needed to make our homes festive. Halloween to me is all about how you present yourself and how much spirit you have for the holiday so in these trying times it’s important to still bring excitement into your homes for your families. So, trust in us at CottonRUs.com to offer you a list of decorations to make your home the most festive in the neighborhood. From a list of orange and black items to style your dining or living room to candles to put all around the house we got you covered. We also have decorative jack o lanterns and pumpkins that come in materials such as wood, glass, and plastic that give you both that Halloween and fall feeling. 

So, like all the holidays that we haven’t been able to celebrate this past year as we usually do let’s continue to make the most of the situation and keep a positive mindset. Halloween is a time to remember so, decorate your homes, get costumes, and enjoy yourself this holiday season. Make this Halloween one to remember and let us bring high quality and great customer experience into your home with that special spooky feeling vibe as we all continue to quarantine and stay safe. We hope you all have a safe and memorable Halloween season.